Board of Directors

Board Officers

Sharon Kilgore, Secretary

Bernita Bradley, Assistant Secretary

Jametta Lilly, Chief Executive Officer

Jose Reyes, Chair

Tammie Jones, Treasurer

Janice Jones, Vice Chair

Board Members

Tony Kinsey, Member

Michelle Jackson, Bylaws Committee - Chair

Brian Love, Founding Member

Brian Love is the proud parent of two children. He serves as Director, Public Affairs and Project Manager for the Greater Detroit Area Health Council. He has been in professional politics for nearly 15 years, and served as Urban/ External Affairs Director for the Michigan House of Representatives in 2007. He has also served as the Lobbyist/Outreach Director for StudentsFirst Michigan, a national education reform group and spent three and a half years lobbying and working in the community to empower teachers and parents. He believes that these are times of great opportunity to improve the state of Michigan and to make it a greater place to live and raise our children.

Nikka Bowers, Member

Felita Curry, Member

Shirley Gray, Member