Core Programming

Love & Logic

100 Level

A seven-week course that meets for two hours each week. Parents will be supported in teaching their kids how to make responsible choices while also owning and solving problems they create. Also teaches parents how to make logical consequences with empathy. There is a $25 fee for all court-ordered participants (includes membership) and participants in all seven weeks will receive a certificate upon completion.

DPN believes that the impacts of COVID provides a genuine opportunity to provide innovative and ground-level support to the whole family to equip them with information, tools and tips that help parents and children foster a learning environment in the home. DPN’s whole family, multigenerational approach is applied across all our advocacy and programs. These include our three Powerful Parent Trainings, Support Groups such as Grandparents Parenting Again and Men of DPN, and specialty programs like Pathways to Literacy. Through recent funding by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation in the Hope Starts Here initiative and the Fisher Family Foundation and Education Trust Midwest, DPN is able to leverage these funds to particularly support school and community partners in helping parents and children in early literacy from birth into elementary school.

Parent Leadership Training

200 Level

A seven-week course that meets for two hours each week. Parents become self-aware, identify their personal power, clarify their motivation and vision, and develop a personal mission statement. Improve communication, stress management, and project management to positively impact your home, school, and community.

Parent Advocacy Training

300 Level

A five-part course where parents are engaged to listen, learn, and speak on behalf of themselves and their children to promote efficacy and responsiveness to children’s needs. Parents will learn to identify and mobilize others around shared interests and a common cause. Parents will also learn to leverage emotions, politics, economics and the law to facilitate change.

Facilitators Training

400 Level

Monthly three-hour trainings for all new and returning trainers. Provides ongoing support for all facilitators and parent leaders of Detroit Parent Network to assist with increasing knowledge, confidence, and execution of trainings and workshops.

Happy Family


Community Pathways to Opportunity represents an intentional pivot by DPN to focus on education, training, career and workforce development as being essential in order for more Detroit families to achieve economic mobility. In 2019DPN's Community Pathways to Opportunity pilot was further enhanced with its partnership with the Detroit College Access Network (DCAN). In addition to both working on creating a College-Career Culture at home, school and in the community, together we opened the Postsecondary Academic and Career Endeavors (PACE) Detroit Center at DPN. The goal of the center is to connect parents and students to higher education, skilled trades, on-the-job training, and other opportunities that lead to a postsecondary degree and increased income.  Ford Fund and GM dollars supported renovations, technology, communication enhancements, educational materials, program activities and staffing which enabled DPN and DCAN to open the center from July to August 2019. Together we served 350 individuals, with DPN bringing in 90 parents and their youth and DCAN doing extensive community outreach at schools with workshops and consultations from financial aid to planning for college.

Detroit Parent Network

A network of parents working to build and engage parents and others to ensure every child has a champion

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