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Fall School Count Day is October 6!

A Message from Jametta Lilly, your DPN CEO:

As you know, for some parents and guardians, it can be a challenge to get our children to the schoolhouse door. Transportation problems and conflicts with work schedules, among other things, are real for far too many of us.

However, Fall School Count Day, Wednesday, Oct. 6 represents the lion’s share of annual funding for our public schools, both traditional and charter programs. The current annual Michigan statewide budget is $17.1 billion, which represents about $8,000 in investment per pupil for most students in Detroit between now and June 30, 2022.

It is how textbooks are purchased. It is how school districts fund the operation of buildings. It is how they provide salaries for teachers, support staff as well as breakfast and lunch for our children.

With that said, it is vitally important that we do all that we can to make sure that our children are in school each day and especially tomorrow.

We’ve called for business and public policy leaders to include our voices in an effort to increase student achievement and entrepreneurial and employment opportunities for our members.

As we have for nearly 20 years, Detroit Parent Network will continue to collaborate with you in an effort to influence public policy that better educates, equips and empowers parents as champions for children and change!

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